Behind the NameWhat We Do
Behind the NameWhat We Do

Our History

Founded in 2005 Lantern began as a small business under a different name. It was formally branded Lantern Corporation in 2010 as new departments and services were added.

We have completed projects in over 15 countries and are proud of the client base we have grown. Our clients include country governments, UN Bodies, leading multinational corporations, large NGO's and a host of small businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to 

  • Effectively solve problems for our clients and their customers, 
  • In a way that produces the best value for money outcome,
  • Without sacrificing on first class service;
  • Whilst providing an environment that enable our staff to thrive. 

Our Ethos

  • We believe in integrity in who we are,
  • Professionalism in everything we do, 
  • Respect in how we treat others, 
  • Genuine service for all our clients, 
  • Excellence in all that we create, 
  • and 100% passion for every job.

Our Name

A Lantern does not exist to shine a light. Rather it exists to create a housing from which light is both protected and magnified. A good Lantern boosts the perceived brightness of light within and helps that light to shine bright through any condition.

This goes to the heart of how we perceive our role, and the type of partnerships we seek to create with our clients.

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